憋尿对身体的危害 千万不要“憋”坏自己
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Modern people are like machines t


Modern people are like machines that are full of clockwork. They are always in a hurry and efficiency. As long as things come, not only eat and sleep time is squeezed aside, and even the body "three urgency" is often "endured and endured.



In some special cases, it is also hard for us to suppress milk and suppress sperm. But experts warn that the human body's breathing, digestion, excretion and other organs are like a healthy passage, if these passages of excreta accumulation to a certain extent, but not timely and reasonable discharge, in the long run, will cause a variety of adverse effects on the body.






Suffocating is a form of exercise in Tai Chi. Experts warn that if you hold your breath for too long, it will cause dizziness, chest tightness and other symptoms, so the elderly are better off doing this exercise.



As the elderly grow older, their physique becomes weaker and weaker, and the ability to bear all aspects of the body will become weaker, and suffocation will affect the balance of breathing, so that inhaled oxygen can not normally enter the blood, resulting in an imbalance of oxygen supply in the body, a danger. In addition, some patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, it is also good not to practice breathing, or else may cause brain and myocardial hypoxia, insufficient blood supply to the heart, aggravating the disease.



Experts recommend that people in the practice of choking, must grasp a degree, if there are chest tightness, dizziness and other symptoms, should immediately stop.



Hold up the urine



Experts say urine is one of the waste products produced by the human body. It contains a variety of toxins. These toxins, if left in the body for a long time, will cause a lot of harm to human health.



First, urine keeps increasing in the body, allowing the bladder to expand. When the storage space of the bladder reaches a certain limit, it will be suffocated, causing serious consequences; if excessive urine retention, more than the storage of the bladder, it will return to the ureter, a long time may lead to uremia, bladder sphincter will become relaxed.



If excess urine retention exceeds the bladder, it will return to the ureter, which may lead to uremia for a long time.



Secondly, urine can not be excreted for a long time, pelvic is also a bad stimulus, long-term repetition, will cause pelvic organ dysfunction, resulting in decreased resistance. For some elderly people, as the body's organs continue to decline, often choking urine will lead to prostate hypertrophy, more likely to cause dysuria. Therefore, once people have urine, they must be promptly discharged from the body.






Experts believe that normal sexual life can regulate the nervous system and endocrine system to maintain its balance, but if the work is busy and other reasons for long-term sexual life, it will aggravate the symptoms of endocrine disorders, leading to a decline in sexual function.



The doctor said that if the semen accumulated for a long time in the seminal vesicle abnormal discharge, the testis will be a long time by "high pressure", may cause spermatogenesis loss, and gradually lead to testicular atrophy, loss of sexual function, lumbar acid, leg weakness, fatigue, insomnia, depression, memory loss, skin aging and a series of physical symptoms will also be Chain generation.






Fart is the gas produced by the fermentation of bacteria in the intestinal tract. The doctor said that the fart is a kind of exhaust gas produced by the human body, which contains nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, methane and other components are harmful substances. If suffocation, these harmful substances can not be discharged, will be repeatedly absorbed by the intestinal mucosa, chest tightness, abdominal distention and other symptoms. Often suffocate the fart, will cause the body to form chronic poisoning, resulting in mental retardation, indigestion, dizziness, dizziness and yellowish complexion and other symptoms.






Shit is the waste of the human body, which contains a lot of bacteria and toxins, and can not be left in the body for a long time.



Experts say that suffocation is a bad habits, stool not timely discharge, water will be repeatedly absorbed by the intestinal tract, resulting in dry stool difficult to drain. Toxins in the stool accumulate too long in the body, harmful substances are absorbed by the intestinal tract, will appear in the spirit of depression, dizziness, loss of appetite and other symptoms. In addition, in the long run, the microbial environment in the intestine may be destroyed, leading to constipation, anal fissure, hemorrhoids and a series of anorectal diseases, and even serious cases of intestinal cancer.



Experts say that suffocation is bad habits, stool not timely discharge, water will be repeatedly absorbed by the intestinal tract



Suffocating milk



Some women with excessive milk may try to avoid breast-feeding due to inconvenience at work or special occasions, which can easily lead to milk deposition. Experts say that breast milk is a baby's nutrients, itself is not toxic, but because women's nipples communicate with the outside air, if too much milk is not discharged in time, harmful gases or bacteria from the outside will invade the breast, causing bacterial infections, and even lead to acute mastitis.