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印象中,脂肪总是不安全的,不仅与心血管、胆结石等疾病紧密相联,而且很容易在不知不觉中毁了我们的身材!是不是只有忍饥挨饿才能打败脂肪?如何才能做到与脂肪和平相处呢?脂肪虽然让爱美、爱健康的我们有些讨厌,却也是人体所必需的营养素,“谈脂色变”完全没有必要。想要做到与脂肪和平共处,其实也不难,以下7招也许能帮上你。 7招教你吃脂肪轻松减肥

The impression is that fat is always unsafe, not only closely related to cardiovascular disease, gallstones and other diseases, but also easy to unknowingly destroy our body! Do you have to starve to defeat fat? How can we get along with fat? Although fat makes us hate beauty and health, it is also an essential nutrient for the human body. It is not necessary to talk about fat discoloration. If you want to live in harmony with fat, it's not difficult. The following 7 tips may help you. The 7 trick is to teach you to eat fat and lose weight easily.


High temperature cooking oil is harmful.

只有油大量冒烟才是适合炒菜的温度?这是一种误区!而贪吃油炸食物,更是一种健康恶习。实验表明,如果对植物油进行高温处理(例如油炸),油中所含的大量维生素、天然植物化学物质和不饱和脂肪酸就会被破坏;而当油温超过60度时,油脂开始氧化;超过130度时,油脂开始分解;超过200度时,油脂开始变性,并产生有害物质。而我们现在吃的食用油在去除了杂质后,大量冒烟的时候已经达到了250度,可见危害性有多大!另外,碳水化合物在高温的油炸过程中,还会产生具有神经毒性和致癌作用的丙烯酰胺。 本站热点文章推荐阅读:药王金线莲的功效及吃法

Only a large amount of oil smoking is suitable for cooking. This is a misunderstanding. Greedy fried food is also a bad habit of health. Experiments show that if vegetable oils are heated (e.g. deep-fried), large amounts of vitamins, natural phytochemicals and unsaturated fatty acids in the oil will be destroyed; when the oil temperature exceeds 60 degrees, the oil will oxidize; when the temperature exceeds 130 degrees, the oil will begin to decompose; when the temperature exceeds 200 degrees, the oil will begin to degenerate and produce. Harmful substances. And now we eat cooking oil in the removal of impurities, a lot of smoke when it has reached 250 degrees, you can see how harmful! In addition, carbohydrates in the high-temperature frying process, but also produce neurotoxic and carcinogenic acrylamide. Recommended reading of hot articles at this station: efficacy and eating method of the herb


If you have to fry food, it is recommended that you use animal oil, followed by olive or tea seed oil, or peanut oil. This is because animal oils are the most saturated and stable; olive and tea seed oils contain the most and relatively stable monounsaturated fats; and peanut oils contain more monounsaturated fats than common vegetable oils such as corn and soybean oils.


Avoid the temptation of delicious food.

炸鸡、炸薯条、曲奇和巧克力、沙拉酱在美味面前,女人通常是缺乏抵抗力的。不幸的是,最美味的食物往往是最不健康的,因为它们都含有危险的反式脂肪。把液体植物油进行高温加热,注入氢气,使它饱和化、固化,变得更稳定,得到的就是“氢化油”,也就是大名鼎鼎的“反式脂肪”。除了在很多油炸食物、烤制食品和调味品中都能找到它的踪影外,事实上,超过一半的加工包装食品都含有反式脂肪。 7招教你吃脂肪轻松减肥

Fried chicken, French fries, cookies, chocolate, and salad dressing are delicious, and women are usually less resistant. Unfortunately, the most delicious foods are often the least healthy because they all contain dangerous trans fats. The liquid vegetable oil is heated at high temperatures and injected with hydrogen to make it saturated, solidified, and more stable, resulting in the "hydrogenated oil", or the famous "trans fat". In fact, more than half of processed packaged foods contain trans fats, with the exception of many deep-fried foods, baked foods and condiments. The 7 trick is to teach you to eat fat and lose weight easily.


The molecular structure of trans fat is distorted and can not be found in nature. Therefore, our body can not metabolize it effectively. Trans fats increase triglycerides and bad cholesterol in your blood and lower good cholesterol, thereby increasing the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


Fat intake is not as good as possible.


In order to lose weight or lower blood lipids, we wrongly reject fat. However, we live in an age of computer-based heavy mental work, with too much mental work and too little physical activity, and too many refined carbohydrates in our food and too little omega-3 fat. In fact, the carbohydrate diet is more suitable for manual workers, and the brain workers need omega-3 fat, especially DHA.